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Exploring Life & Business with David Hailey of Countifi

Today we’d like to introduce you to David Hailey.

Hi David, thanks for joining us today. We’d love for you to start by introducing yourself. I spent a number of years working at EY in auditing and consulting. While there, I noticed that managing inventory was always a major challenge. I left EY and went to work in Corporate Audit at Delta Air Lines. One of my groups’ major focus was understanding what customers consumed while flying and how the airline could manage that process more efficiently. I realized that understanding onboard inventory was an issue that all airlines had to deal with, and that is how the idea of Countifi started. Most restaurants and bars know that the drinks are where they can make their bread and butter; inventory is always top of mind, I thought it should be a priority for airlines also. I left my job at Delta to focus on Countifi full time to build a team and develop an inventory counting platform using computer vision and AI. We now have the Countifi platform that saves companies money by counting inventory automatically, eliminating the need for manual counting.

Once we developed a solution for airlines, we realized, once trained, our computer vision and deep learning models can add efficiency to asset processes in a variety of industries, which is how we expanded into hospitals and universities.

Today we have team members in the US and Brazil and we have worked with companies like Delta Air Lines, Iberia Air Lines, Emirates Air Lines, Duke Hospital, and NC A&T Ral Estate Foundation.

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